Who are we?

About us

Our team is based in 3 countries, we speak 8 different languages and we all share the love for technology. We started the company based on our passion for good food and new technology.

our vision?

There are so many situations when we do not know what to do or where to go and wish for some guidance. Our aim is to reduce those moments where we are lost. We started in the kitchen and made our way to cultural institutions and cities.

Our Projects

Augmented Reality Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu Assistant

Have you ever read a menu in a restaurant and did not know what to pick? Did your eyes wander to the plates of other guests to spot something great? Did you ever wonder who came up with the dish?

We have the answers for you in our 3D Menu Assistant.

See 3D models of the plates, learn about the story of the dish and read about ingredients, nutrition details and allergenes

Inclusive, Digital Guide

Our cultural companion works on all visitors smartphones and does not requiere any App download.

Scan any object and see all the information about it. The guide comes with 100+ languages out of the box and is designed with web accessibility in mind so everyone can enjoy it.

No more printed fact sheets, terminals, screens or extra audio guide devices

Restaurant Menu Assistant

If your restaurant is still handing out paper menus and your digital menu is a PDF file, you should read more about our Menu Assistant

realistic food pictures

3D Models

We create 3D models of your dishes and show them in our guide with Augmented Reality. Your guests can see the dish on their table so there will be no more bad surprises about the portion size.

traditional cooking

Food Culture

Whenever we eat something new, we want to know something about the dish. Who invented it, where is it coming from and since when are people eating it. Share the food culture with your guests and give them something to read and talk about.

Allergenes Nutrition Ingredients

Health Information

Provide your guests with the best information about what they are ordering. Ingredients, allergenes, Nurtition Information or tell them from which farm the ingredients are coming from.

Inclusive, Digital Guide

We have developed a Digital Companion for everyone. If you are in a City, Museum or Zoo, just take your smartphone and scan the object you want to learn more about. All you need is your webbrowser and you can enjoy everything a tour guide would tell you without being stuck with a tour group. You decide what you want to see.

web accessibility

Web Accessibility

Our guide is inclusive, made for everyone and we make sure that everyone get access to the information. You always have a choice to read or listen to the stories. We automatically translate to 100+ languages without having to hire any special translator.

share your location with the group

Family & Friends Finder

Our guide can show you a custom map and your current position in the building, the shortestway to the bathroom or where your group members are. You don't have to follow the static tourist script anymore. You are completely independent without the risk of missing an interesting story or losing your group.

castle in 3D

Augmented Reality

Share your stories with the newest technology. Videos, Sounds, Images and 3D models are supported and visitors can see your most precious exhibits up close, spin 3D models around and take selfies with the help of Augmented Reality. You can wear the crown, hold a sword or pose next to Egyptian Pharaohs

Our Team

Olga Akulinushkina

Software Developer

The young and talented part of the team

Daniel Marten

Founder & Software Developer

Always up for new technology and new adventures

Tomasz Krajewski

Software Developer

Deep technical knowledge with an eye for detail, automation and clean code